Help India during COVID-19 Crisis

Indian authorities are scrambling to get medical oxygen to hospitals where COVID-19 patients are suffocating due to low supplies.

India is probably in its worst crisis in the post-independence era. COVID-19 has upended an already precarious and challenged health care system. It is unimaginable in this era of technical advances that people are dying because they are deprived of oxygen. Rather than just assign blame, it is our intent to help with this disaster as much as we can. We have been assured by a vendor who will deliver oxygen concentrators to India at the price of 515 dollars. From personal funds, we have arranged for the first small shipment of these concentrators to arrive in Delhi in the week of April 26th. This will be targeted at smaller healthcare facilities. We would like to provide many more of these machines to enable broader distribution to other areas as this is certainly not a problem that is local only to Delhi. Once the need for oxygen concentrators has been met, we are open to other areas in which we can help. We fully realize that this is just a drop in the ocean but if we can avert any deaths, the time, money, and effort would be worth the money and the effort many times over.

We request you to generously donate to this cause. While we cannot tell you how much to donate, please realize that this is a once-in-a-generation defining moment for all of us. The life you save could be that of your friend or a family member It is unconscionable that anybody, anywhere in this world should die gasping for breath.

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Sona Shah Heart Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization where 100% of the proceeds go directly to patient care and help in the community we serve.

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